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Analysis of optical property of Graphene and its

The optical property of Graphene is very unique. Even though graphene has just one atomic thickness, it is observable by traditional optical microscope when it is deposited onto the surface of SiO2(~300nm)/Si wafer.

This is because of the interference phenomenon which occurs from the multiple reflections between graphene and SiO2 layer.

From the early ages of graphene research, Raman spectroscopy has been regarded as one of the powerful tools to characterize the optical properties of graphene. For example, it is easily used to determine the graphene layer thickness by examining the 2D peak shape and the peak ratio between G and 2D peaks in Raman spectrum.

< The optical property of Graphene >

Very recently, our group developed the selective n-type doping methodology in large scale graphene by photo-patterned gold nanoparticle and UV / Ozone-oxidized large-scale graphene platform with large chemical enhancement in SERS. With the large scale high quality graphene, we firstly expect to examine the chemical interaction between various molecules and graphene. And we also expect to fabricate the high enhancement and robust SERS (Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy) substrate platform.

< The optical property of Graphene >


신동하 Dongha Shin | Post-Doctors
Raman Spectroscopy, Applications

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