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Research Interest

  • Nanomaterials Synthesis

    • Large-scale grahene films
    • Carbon nanotubes (CVD growth of single- and multi-walled CNTs)
    • Self-assembled organic nanomaterials (nanotubes, lenses, and spheres)
    • Nanowires & metal-organic core-shell nanostructures (Au, Ag, Pt, Pd)
  • Nanofabrication
    and characterization

    • Electron-beam lithography techniques for molecular electronics
    • Photolithography Low-temperature measurement of electron-transport
    • Low-temperature measurement of magnetic properties
  • Nano-analysis

    • High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy (SAPD, EDX, EELS).
    • Scanning Electron Microscopy (EDX), Scanning Raman Spectroscopy
    • Atomic Force Microscopy (Nanolithography).
  • Quantum mechanics
    and molecular
    dynamics simulation

    • Time-dependent electromagnetic simulation of nano-optical structures
    • Thermodynamic and kinetic studies of self-assembling processes.
    • Computer-aided modeling and analysis of bio-molecular structures
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